3 signs you have pests in your house

You can recognize the signs of pests around your area with these signs.

Among the family of ants, the carpenter ant has continuously proven its notoriousness in most homes.

Check out wet areas around your dwelling as this are the places these type of ants frequent. If you find sawdust or droppings, especially in the edges and crawl spaces, this would tell you that carpenter ants are somewhere inside your home already.

The termites are the number one cause of damage to building structures. These insects have soft bodies often with wings and are colored pale. Scalded and frizzed wood, mushy floors, mud tubes and tunnels and residue resembling sawdust right close to studs and beams are certain marks of termite attack.

Apart from these insects, rats, and mice also top the chart of the most damage-causing pests that ruin wiring, wood sheathing, and insulation. Cover small gaps in your dwelling where they can usually pass through. Some of which are around air conditioning ducts, door clearances, pipes, etc. Watch out for droppings and nests inside walls and at the back of cabinets – especially where you store food.